Datacolor in the first half year 2011/12


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Datacolor in the first half year 2011/12

New product range and continued expansion of own sales and service organization support strong market position


In the first half of 2011/12, Datacolor achieved consolidated net sales of USD 28.4 million (H1 2010/11: USD 28.4 million) on previous year’s level. The gross profit margin increased from 63.8% to 64.8% and EBIT by 3% to USD 2.6 million (USD 2.5 million).The EBIT margin was 9.1% (8.8%) and net profit USD 1.9 million (USD 2.0 million). Datacolor is debt-free, has a substantial net liquidity of USD 21.9 million and a comfortable equity ratio of 60.5% (September 30, 2011: 60.7%). The company’s average headcount increased by more than 10% from 274 to 310 (full-time equivalents) primarily due to the expansion of the direct sales organization in Asia.


In the textile industry as well as in the digital color management of displays, Datacolor retained its global leadership. In key markets such as the automotive and plastics industry as well as the paint and ink industry, Datacolor expanded its strong market position. The company has invested consistently in the expansion of its own sales and service organization in growth markets, specifically in China and India. In emerging markets such as Turkey and Brazil, co-operations with local distribution partners were intensified. During the reporting period, the Asia-Pacific region lifted its share of net sales to 30.0% (29.7%) and the Americas region to 29.1% (28.4%). Europe remains with 40.9% (41.9%) Datacolor’s biggest key market.


End of the first quarter of 2011/12, the completely revised fourth generation of the 'Spyder' product family for color calibration of displays and printers was successfully launched. Furthermore, Datacolor released  the portable spectrophotometer '45G' with integrated gloss measurement which offers an unmatched precision in analyzing color on painted surfaces, plastic parts, package prints or automotive parts. For customers in the textile industry the innovative lab dyeing solution 'Ahiba Quickdose' was released. It allows more accurate color management for dyeing textiles. Beginning of April, 'MatchPigment 2.2', a new software release of its color management solution for the plastics and the paint and ink industry was introduced. Its new technology 'SmartMatch' significantly improves the quality of color recipes especially for pigmented wood stains. The recently launched 'Europa' system is a compact, highly accurate color sensor kit for OEM customers ready for integration in televisions, monitors and laptops. These innovative new color management solutions and the product releases in the second term will have a positive impact on Datacolor’s businesses and support its strong market position.



In the second half of 2011/12, Datacolor will continue to complete its established product range by launching new products. Ongoing high investments in product development, market launches of new products and the expansion of the sales and service organization will strengthen the Group's capability for long-term growth. Given a continued positive economic trend, Datacolor is well positioned due to its innovative and financial strength, to achieve its ambitious medium-term objectives for growth and profitability through organic growth and targeted acquisitions.


Lucerne, May 3, 2012


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Datacolor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software and hardware systems for color measurement and calibration. The company has an international sales, service and support organization as well as a production center in China. Customers include the apparel and textile industry, the automotive and plastics industry, manufacturers of paints and dyes in the specialty chemicals sector, international cosmetics manufacturers and major food and beverage companies, the printing and packaging industry, global furniture manufacturers and professional as well as hobby photographers.