Datacolor Announces Match® Pigment 2.2 with SmartMatch 


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Datacolor Announces Match®Pigment 2.2 with SmartMatch


New technology improves prediction accuracy for color recipes and simplifies pigmented wood stain matching


Lawrenceville, NJ – April 2, 2012 – Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the launch of Datacolor Match® Pigment 2.2, an upgraded version of its intelligent color formulation solution, Match Pigment, for paint, plastic, ink and cosmetic industries. Match Pigment 2.2 includes SmartMatch, a new technology that improves prediction accuracy for color recipes, introduces a patented method for accurate color matching of pigmented wood stains, offers flexible color correction options, and improved data management.


Datacolor Match Pigment 2.2 features exclusive color matching software, SmartMatch. The software learns with each use and adapts future recipe predictions to deliver more accurate first-time matches. SmartMatch’s ability to automatically compensate for differences between a colorant’s actual and predicted behavior improves color formula accuracy with repeatable application procedures.


“Match Pigment 2.2 streamlines management of pigment recipes resulting in more efficient processes,” said Vincent Lequeux, Director of Product Management, Datacolor. “SmartMatch allows product manufacturers to quickly and repeatedly achieve accuracy, saving them time and costs by getting the color right on the first try more often. The software upgrade will provide our customers increased productivity and performance gains while delivering the same unrivaled ease-of-use they expect from Datacolor.”


Match Pigment 2.2 features:

  • Patented wood stain matching to achieve accurate results for varying wood substrates with minimal trial and error
  • Flexible color correction options to achieve optimal colorant quality by calculating the best amount of color needed for correction, accounting for cost and quality
  • Smart Calibrator evaluates pigment formulas to choose the optimum calculation method for optical quantities of pigments and colorants
  • Contrast Ratio Range Matching function takes into consideration contrast ratio variations during matching prediction


Match Pigment 2.2 also has improved data management features including the option to export formulas as CSV files; the ability to create custom data fields for formulas stored in the database; Windows 64-bit support; and an upgraded Sybase 12 database.