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Annual General Meeting of Datacolor AG


Shareholders approved all proposals – Dividend pay-out of CHF 7 per share


The Annual General Meeting of Datacolor AG approved all proposals of the Board of Directors on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. The shareholders confirmed the re-election of all previous Board Members, Werner Dubach, Hans Peter Wehrli, Anne Keller Dubach, Thomas Studhalter, Jvo Grundler and Hanno Elbraechter for a term of one year. Werner Dubach was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The shareholders elected Jvo Grundler and Hanno Elbraechter as Members of the Compensation Committee. KPMG AG, Lucerne, was re-elected as statutory auditor for fiscal 2020/21.


The General Meeting approved the amendment to the by-laws. The domicile of the company was moved to Rotkreuz (political municipality Risch).


The General Meeting approved a dividend of CHF 7 per share. The dividend will be distributed on December 16, 2020.


Due to the unusual situation in connection with the spread of the pandemic and based on Chapter 4, Art. 27 of the Ordinance 3 on measures to control the Coronavirus (Covid-19) from June 19, 2020 (SR No. 818.101.24), the Ordinary General Meeting was held without the personal participation of shareholders. All shareholders exercised their rights through the independent proxy.


Lucerne, December 9, 2020


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