0001104659-20-008246 3 1 20200128 20200129 20200129 Whelan, Jr. Robert M. 0001490045 3 34 001-39202 20559529 ARIAD PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. 26 LANDSDOWNE STREET CAMBRIDGE MA 02139 Annovis Bio, Inc. 0001477845 2834 262540421 DE 1231 1055 WESTLAKES DRIVE, SUITE 300 BERWYN PA 19312 610-727-3913 1055 WESTLAKES DRIVE, SUITE 300 BERWYN PA 19312 QR Pharma, Inc. 20091202 3 1 a3.xml 3 X0206 3 2020-01-28 0 0001477845 Annovis Bio, Inc. ANVS 0001490045 Whelan, Jr. Robert M. C/O ANNOVIS BIO, INC. 1055 WESTLAKES DRIVE, SUITE 300 BERWYN PA 19312 1 0 0 0 Convertible Note Common Stock D Series A-1 Preferred Stock Common Stock 59524 D Stock Option (right to buy) 0.14 2026-04-07 Common Stock 17855 D Stock Option (right to buy) 0.25 2028-04-06 Common Stock 7142 D The Convertible Notes have a maturity date of December 31, 2023. Prior to the maturity date, the Convertible Notes will automatically convert into common stock of Annovis Bio, Inc. ("Annovis") upon an initial public offering ("IPO") of Annovis at a conversion rate equal to the principal amount of the note, plus accrued and unpaid interest, divided by 80% of the public offering price per share of the IPO as set forth on the cover page of the final prospectus for the IPO. Each share of Series A-1 Preferred Stock is convertible into common stock of Annovis and has no expiration date. Upon the closing of the IPO, 83,333 shares of Series A-1 Preferred Stock, along with the aggregate accrued or accumulated and unpaid dividends thereon, will automatically be converted into 59,524 shares of common stock of the Issuer. As of the date of this report, all of the shares underlying the options are fully vested and exercisable. /s/ Maria Maccecchini Attorney-in-Fact 2020-01-29